How it works.


  • Use our AI-based Contract Builder OR choose from 100s of templates to create a new contract
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to discuss, negotiate and update the contracts while creating
  • Get contracts signed digitally on the platform itself
  • Create Smart Contracts on blockchain with a single click


  • Create event-based triggers and notifications & reminders to manage contracts
  • Get alerts on WhatsApp / mail
  • Build integrations with other applications in your organization
  • Automate engagement of multiple parties and execute tasks based on real-time information


  • Use blockchain to track contract progress and health in real time
  • Always stay informed and updated on next steps, never miss on expiry dates, milestone dates and renewals
  • Track document versions history, actions taken, in-progress and overdue
  • Achieve high compliance, with low effort

Programmed to Perform.

Legitt lets you create contracts that can be programmed to monitor data streams and trigger event-based actions.

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Collaborate1 Collaborate2 Collaborate3 Collaborate

Be in Control.

Legitt user dashboard
Navigate to every important section from a simple, yet practical menu.
Search any document you are looking for with just a few keywords.
Track all your contracts in a single visual dashboard with their current statuses.
Create contracts by selecting from 100s of templates, or use AI Contract builder to create contracts from scratch.
Upload existing contracts and convert them into smart contracts on Legitt platform.
Track and manage overdue actions to minimise the impact of fines and penalties
Always be updated on the next action on your contracts. Never miss a deadline and avoid penalties and fines.
Track all actionable items from notifications, Reminders and My-Tasks at a single place.
All your documents, intelligently sorted with status and chronological order.
Organize your action items on contracts in simple task management app integrated in the platform.
Never miss an update or a deadline. Always keep track of important events and avoid penalties and fines.

Collaborate & Create.


All types of contracts, agreements and legal docs with a few clicks.

  • Choose from 100s of templates
  • Write from scratch with our Open AI based Contract Builder
  • Upload your existing contracts to process further
All types of contracts, agreements and legal docs with a few clicks


Chat with others to comment, update the contracts.

  • Collaborate with your team and stakeholders
  • Resolve all issues on the platform itself
  • Get the document signed via digital, electronically or NFT signatures
Chat with others to comment, update the contracts


The most powerful tool for contracts and agreements.

  • Create smart contracts with a few clicks.
  • Automate renewals, auto-execution & scaling
The most powerful tool for contracts and agreements
Create NDA Create NDA from template Use AI to create NDA

Build & Automate.

Reminders & Notifications:

Add or create notifications & reminders.

  • Always stay updated with then next steps on every contract.
  • Never miss a deadline, never pay penalties
  • Auto created to-do lists which you can further update
Add or create notifications & reminders


Track current status of process through workflows.

  • Streamline everything around contracts in a single dashboard
  • Pre-signing and Post-signing workflows
  • Eliminate the need of emails and phone calls
Track current status of process through workflows

Automated Actions:

Actions are triggered automatically.

  • Automate trigger & event based actions
  • Automate incentives, payments, penalties
  • Low human effort, high compliance
Actions are triggered automatically
Add users to chat See notifications for your contract ALl contracts on user dashboard

Manage & Track.


Define and monitor pre-signing steps.

  • Track the status at various stages before the document is signed
  • Track the version history and the changes made to the document
  • Track who has opened the document, who has signed and who is pending.
Define and monitor pre-signing steps


Monitor progress of contracts.

  • Never miss on expiry dates, milestone dates and renewals
  • Track incentives, penalties and fines
Monitor progress of contracts


Stay ahead for all compliances.

  • A single dashboard for health-check of all your contracts
  • Always updated on the next steps for every contract
Stay ahead for all compliances
Add signatories Sign the document Create Smart contract

Create future. Right Now.

Create contract NDA Send document to blockchain Connect to web3 Wallet Approve gas Fees post transaction on blockchain smart contract created
  • 1. Create or upload contract
    Create or upload contract
  • 2. Send document to blockchain
    Send document to blockchain
  • 3. Generate blockchain url for document
    Generate blockchain url for document
  • 4. Connect to MetaMask Wallet
    Connect to MetaMask Wallet
  • 5. Approve Gas Fees
    Approve Gas Fees
  • 6. Post Transaction Details to Polygon
    Post Transaction Details to Polygon
  • 7. Smart Contract Created
    Smart Contract Created

Seamless Workflows.

set signatories
post signing notifications

Strong Ecosystem with 50+ Integrations.

Build integrations with other systems in your organisation and create data streams to tap into and keep all your contracts updated. Helps you create event-based triggers to automate seamlessly.

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What our clients say...

Gagan Deep
Verified user
user testimonial
Harry Wigner Jr.
Verified user
testimonial by user
William Beck
Verified user

It was a great experience!

I am so happy that Legitt is solving a big problem in the Contracts space, so happy to see what they have built, and signing up as a client.

Let's get our teams on-boarded on Legitt.

It was a great expirience!

Legitt helped us move from pen and paper to the web (AI and blockchain).

Prior to Legitt, all my time went in managing contracts and agreements to track important dates and milestones. Legitt keeps me always updated on the next steps. From a constant fear of missing deadlines, I am always at peace.

It was a great expirience!

Legitt helped me manage all my contracts and legal documents as smart contracts in one place. I did everything on my own, never needed a technical team.

The best part is Legitt has made me future-ready with a simple, yet powerful platform to covert legal documents into smart contracts and build workflow on the same.

I am loving it!